philbilly productions

I'm  a free-style musician from Saco,Maine! I sing,play electric and acoustic guitar and harmonica in my own aggressive style. Ive played locally for over 20 years now and have had alot of fun and met lots of great people! I started out late-at age 35 I joined the country-rock band "Sixgunz" from Dover,NH and have been a honky-tonk man ever since! After a few more bands I became a soloist and started playing at pubs, restaurants and assorted dives in ME, NH, and Mass! Nowdays,at 56 things sure have changed in the music world and Im not playin the gigs like I used to but I still love the music-hell I even like the smell of stale beer and cigarettes from some of those neigborhood pubs! These days Im hangin out at home and messing around  in my small studio in Saco,Me. Stop by my website now and again and see whats goin on!   See ya out there...somewhere on the road!      Phil

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