philbilly productions

Before becoming a soloist I played in several country rock bands- 

Cassette demo tapes from yester-years... 

John Melloncamp covers with Plum Loco... 

get a leg up.mp3

authority song.mp3

More songs with Plum Loco...

you shook me.mp3

rock n roll.mp3

 Jamming with Billy Welch and Tom DeNaples in Camp Ellis...

angel baby.mp3

six days.mp3

Sixgunz with K.D.Bell on drums...around 1992 in Portsmouth...

the race is on.mp3

honky tonk woman.mp3

With Diamond T band in Kittery... 

roadhouse blues.mp3

ramblin man.mp3

blues jam.mp3

This was recorded at SoHo's in OOB with Ben McKaye and Bill Cameron around '96...

aint goin nowhere.mp3

friend of the devil.mp3

the wait.mp3


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